About us

ADG: Auxiliares de Galvanotecnia is a company dedicated to manufacturing tools and accessories for electroplating baths and paint

ADG: Auxiliares de Galvanotecnia began its journey in 1960 and, as a result of these years of experience and the constant technological development of all its processes, is now one of the most renowned companies in its sector, both nationally and internationally, with over 600 clients spread across all of Spain, France, Portugal and Tunisia. Our clear commitment to R&D+i places us in the vanguard of our sector and allows us to confidently look towards the future with the conviction and support provided by our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Our clear commitment to R&D+i places ADG in the vanguard of our sector

At the disposal of ADG: Auxiliares de Galvanotecnia are the most appropriate facilities and technical and human resources for offering high-quality products which best adapt to each client’s specific needs.


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